Benefits of

What is Micro Investing
Micro investment is the practice of investing small amounts, like spare money, in many frequencies rather than summing up money for investment. It brings consistency in investments and makes investing a part of everyone’s everyday practice. Spare8 makes it easy for people by automating investment by collecting their spare change during every digital transaction they make, which will then be invested in digital gold.
Benefits of Micro Investing
  • - It initiates the investment habit among everyone, irrespective of age, occupation or salary structure.
  • - Rather than saving thousands to invest,micro-investment makes it possible to start the investment journey with spare change.
  • - The automated investment process makes investment more effortless and handier.
  • - It makes investment habitual, and this consistency of investing smaller amounts can sum up to a huge amount over time.
Smart Savings Vs Traditional Investment
Traditional investment plans come with many limitations, And conditions are not suitable for everyone. But micro-investment plans are flexible and convenient for everyone to grow their finances. Today’s millennials, students, lower-income individuals, or people with irregular incomes can easily afford to invest in digital gold with Spare8. Spending a few pennies extra every day to invest will cultivate a habit of saving money and won’t be a major expenditure. It makes saving and investing a habit and part of everyday life.
Automatic Digital Gold Investment
Gold has always been an integral part of the Indian cultural system, and it has been a great source of holding assets. Its value keeps regularly increasing, making it a safe option for investments. Spare8 will invest your roundup change in 24K digital gold automatically. The digital gold will be backed by the physical gold in your name which will be reserved securely in SEBI certified digital vault.
Easy Redemption
You can easily redeem and change your investment into liquid cash without any charges. You have two options to do it. First, you can get the digital gold converted into physical form and get it. You have to provide your address, and it will reach your home. Secondly, you can sell digital gold and get it for money. You have to provide the bank details, and we will credit your money.
Better than Physical Gold
Buying and holding physical gold has many problems attached to it. You need a hefty amount to buy physical gold and to keep it safe, you need locker access. The quality of gold may also vary among different sellers. But you won’t face any of these problems with digital gold. You can buy gold even with one rupee and its safety is guaranteed by us. You can buy it whenever convenient and sell it off whenever you want. We also assure you that your money will be invested in 24K digital gold, and there is no chance of quality being compromised.