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How to buy digital gold with the Spare8 digital gold investment app?

You can quickly and effortlessly start investing in digital gold using the Spare8 micro-investing app. 1.Download and install the Spare8 app from the playstore.

2. After installing the app, you can log in quicking just by entering your name and phone number. 

3. The next step is to integrate your digital wallet like gpay, phonepay or other UPI to your spare8 account.

4. From then on, whenever you transact digitally using those digital wallets, the amount will be rounded off to the nearest ten rupees, and the spare change will be automatically invested into digital gold. 

Insured quality

1. Buying gold ornaments or jewellery needs a trustworthy jeweller. The first concern is the purity of the gold, and secondly, the price. We, as common people, have to believe what the jeweller is telling us about purity because we can’t test it ourselves.

2.Secondly, buying physical gold in the form of ornaments and jewellery comes with additional costs such as wastage and making charges. You need to negotiate with them to buy the jewels at least wastage and making charges. When it comes to digial gold, as mentioned above, it comes with guaranteed 24k purity and no additional charges required. 

Saves time and capital

But micro-investment options like Spare8 empower even students above 18 years to invest their remaining pocket money. If they start investing at 18 years in digital gold, at 15 years, they might have their own investments to start a business. So micro investments break all the taboo around investments and let every one irrespective of age, occupation and salary habituate investments.

All of these are not possible when you take up any kind of physical investment mediums, including gold. Be it metals, materials or land, if you want to invest in them, you need a hefty amount to buy them, and it requires a long process to sell them too. Securing them is again a concern. So, Digital Investments are the best of our times now.

What is digital gold?

Digital gold is the virtual way of buying and holding gold. It is the new age investment instrument that allows people to buy 24K virtual gold, which will be stored in digital vaults under the buyer’s ownership. When they want to redeem digital gold, they can convert the digital gold into physical gold coins or biscuits or sell the virtual gold and get the money back. 

At Spare8, we allow users to invest their spare change into digital gold that will be stored in digital vaults secured by SEBI regulated independent trustees. We guarantee to our customers that their investments in digital gold with us are 100% pure and secure.

A 24k investment

Indians have been using gold as an Investment tool since civilisation. As one of the pioneers in using gold and other metal as currency to trade with greeks in ancient times, it has been a part of all our life. But the way we perceive it has evolved a lot. 

From being seen as a wealth symbol and to show the family's financial status where women were made to wear gold ornaments today it has changed a lot. The younger generations see gold more as an investment strategy than a wealth symbol. So they prefer gold in virtual and paper mediums.

A micro investment 

The older generation has to save money for months to buy gold physically while price of gold increases with time. But with digital gold, if you have 100rs now, you can buy gold for that 100rs immediately. It helps people buy digit gold at inaugural intervals, which will grow into a substantial investment over a period of time. 

Why invest in digital gold from spare8?

●      No KYC - We don’t drag customers’ time with unnecessary lengthy KYC processes. You can just provide basic information of yours and start investing with Spare8.

●      No defined cost - We don’t have any defined minimum or maximum limitations with regard to your investment. You can start with just one rupee and invest as much as you want to. 

●      No lock-in period - We don’t have any lock-in period for your investment. You can invest today and take back the investment even tomorrow.

●      Guaranteed purity, safety and security - We have partnered with Augumont and Paytm to buy the digital gold and store them in vaults secured by SEBI regulated independent trustees. So we assure you 100% purity, safety and security. 

Digital Security

Conversion of physical gold into liquid cash is also a time taking process. When you resell the jewels, you won't get exactly the quantity of gold you bought. Due to wear and tear, there may be wastage. You lose the money you spent on making charges and wastage at the time of buying the jewels. You don’t face any of these issues in regards to digital gold. If you have invested 1000 rupees in digital gold a year ago for1gm of gold, it will never lose its value due to wear and tear since the weight is inconsequential.

The fear of theft and additional expenditure on lockers with maintenance fees is taken care of with digital gold. Here it will be secured in digital vaults in your name without any additional charges.

Why go digital? 

It is a fact that we are moving towards a digitalised society. With vastly changing technology, every aspect of life is taking a digital turn, and so is gold. With the advent of cryptocurrency, blockchain and virtual metals, people are making digital investment strategies.

Millennials and younger generations are taking it to the digital stage. It allows them to invest small amounts on a daily basis. It is one of the biggest advantages.


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