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Investment in stocks or digital gold? which is better and why?

Earlier, investors tended to invest more in physical assets. But, over the past years, we have witnessed a sudden rise in investing in financial assets. When comparing digital gold vs stock investment, we have to consider multiple aspects.

In both cases, investors generally invest in both of them when the prices are low and then hold it until their prices are expected to go up higher. During investing in the stock market, investment is usually done by the investors when the valuations reach a higher level, and during corrections, they do not usually wait until market recovery. Eventually, they need to sell them at a comparatively low price.

Therefore, investing in gold is a much safer option that can bring you a significant profit. You can start your gold investment with Spare8 securely and safely. Here, you won’t feel any unnecessary hassle and can start investing with just one rupee. However, in this article, we will compare digital gold vs stock investment to let you know which is better.

Digital Gold Investment Vs Stock Investment- Things to Know

Looking at the current scenario in the world of economy, it will be best if you shift from stock investment to digital gold investment right now. It is mainly considered a ‘safe heaven’ because of its lower risk compared to stock market investment. Looking at the increasing digital gold investment growth, it is clear that investing in gold is undoubtedly the best investment option if you want to increase your wealth in the long run.

On the other hand, stock investment can be riskier compared to gold investment since this investment is based on the growth and success of floating companies. Investors generally purchase a share of any particular company, entitling them to a percentage of the profit of that particular company. So, the better the company will perform, the more the investors will earn from their investment.

People often come up with questions like how to invest in digital gold. You can invest in gold in four ways; Sovereign Gold Bonds, Gold EFTs, Multi Commodity Exchange, and Digital Gold Wallets. In Sovereign Gold Bonds, each bond mainly represents one gram of gold and thus gives investors the option to invest in gold digitally. Gold EFTs are basically mutual funds and the units of it are mainly bought from the stock exchange. It is the best way of investing in gold in small quantities.

Multi Commodity Exchange has a platform where one can do trading in different commodities such as silver, gold, copper, etc. With the Digital Wallet Platforms, one can buy and sell gold from anywhere at any time. So, you can start your journey with Spare8 where you can invest your spare change whenever you will make a digital transaction. Spare8 will simplify your way to invest and help you to save your money.

Digital Gold Investment Vs Stock Investment- Comparison

People usually get confused when it comes to digital investment since it is their hard-earned money. Therefore, they tend to invest in a lot of things including stocks, mutual funds, gold, etc. However, among all these, investing in gold is considered to be the best investment strategy since it is a very simple and straightforward option, whether it’s in a digital form or physical form. Now, let’s see what can be the better option between stock and gold investment below.

  1. Growth and Stability

Since gold has been a medium of investment for ages, investors look at it as a safe haven in times of crisis. While stocks, on the other hand, provide returns mainly based on corporate earnings, gold takes the advantage of the booming economy. Therefore, gold is slightly more stable than stocks.

It is crucial to note that during periods of volatility or stock market crashes, the value of the investment may decline drastically. But this is unlikely for gold since it has greater stability.

  1. Buy and Sell Process

In today’s digital era, one can buy and sell their stocks very easily through several apps, eradicating the need for a middleman. Likewise, gold investment can also be done virtually through apps or different platforms with minimal paperwork, unlike stock investment.

If you invest in gold with Spare8, you do not have to go through a long procedure of KYC. You can fill up your basic information and start trading. Also, there is no defined cost regarding your investment, you can start with only 1 rupee and then start investing as much as you want.

When it comes to selling, you can sell both gold and stock very easily. But, if we compare, then selling gold is slightly easier than selling stocks at some point of time. The procedure of selling gold online is simpler and the user gets the amount directly to their bank account. But, in stock selling, some rules and restrictions are there and it takes a little time to finish the whole funding process.

  1. Flexibility

When you invest in digital gold, there is no limitation like investing in physical gold. Investors can have the freedom to purchase and sell gold according to their requirements. People often come up with questions like where to buy digital gold. Well, one can buy digital gold through several digital platforms such as Spare8 securely and safely. You can start your journey with Spare8 to purchase the digital gold and collect them in vaults that are secured by the SEBI-regulated independent trustees. Spare8 ensures a 100% guarantee to protect your asset with the utmost safety.

On the other hand, investing in stocks also provides investors similar flexibility like the digital gold investment. Investors can sell in small shares or units and not the entire holdings.


Choosing between digital gold vs stock investment is very subjective and it also depends on how much risk an investor is willing to take. Stock investment can be best for those who want to maximize their returns, taking a comparatively high risk. Digital gold investment is good for those who do not wish to take high risks and also are not hoping for a sudden profit.

However, investing in gold is considered to be the safest form of investment. So, you can start your journey of digital gold investment with Spare8 because of the flexibility. There is no lock-in period here, so if you invest today, you can also take it back tomorrow. All the transactions here will be secured with high 256-bit encryption. Additionally, your gold will be stored in vaults that are secured by SEBI-regulated independent trustees.

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