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Spare8: Invest in your emergency fund

Updated: Sep 10

Spare8 believes in investing in emergency funds, these are the way of saving money for future unplanned stuff. Emergency saving funds are the money kept aside for natural disasters, medication, and other important things.

At Spare8 you can buy digital gold and plan to do a digital gold investment, this makes it easier and more secure.

Investing in an emergency fund

We provide several benefits with a motto of making our customers' lives better. According to us investments are very important, and we think that an investment can secure your future. Investing in the short term is good but investing in emergency saving funds is very important as it acts like a helper in the worst times. Have you invested in an emergency fund? If not get started with investing in an emergency fund and you shouldn't delay anymore.

To make you get started, we have a few tips for emergency funds and those are as follows:

Plan: According to is, Planning is very important for anything you do, so plan. You should research the pros of an emergency fund and think of your future and your needs as well. This will bring encouragement and motivation to you which will help establish your mind and thought on the point of investment in an emergency fund.

Open an account: It is the best option to have a separate account for investing in an emergency fund, this doesn't allow you to always keep a check on the investment's amount. If you will have the emergency fund in your regular account then you might get diverted and prefer withdrawing money for something which is not so important. What can be a better idea than opening an account at spare8? So get set started with the process today, we promise not to bother you with a lengthy KYC process instead we provide the simplest way.

Invest and forget: Now when you have decided to invest in an emergency fund then you should also understand its importance. Understanding the same you should forget about your investment in the emergency fund, you should forget it until you are very much in need of it.

Easy access: We understand you and your situation too, because of which you won't find any lock-in period at Spare8. Emergency funds are invested to be helpful in your emergencies regarding health issues, natural disasters, or any other important situations and not being able to withdraw the money you saved for such a period might create problems. But Spare8 wants you to be free from all sorts of issues and tension.

Security: While you are investing in an emergency fund then you should also look for the security of your investment. Spare8 gives you purity, security and safety as well, so investing with us will be a great idea.

Benefits of an emergency fund?

We at Spare8 have figured out all the advantages of investment in emergency funds, so let's know about them in brief.

Encourages saving: Emergency saving funds are a great way of investment, at Spare8 you can buy digital gold and invest it for your future emergencies. While you do this keep some amount of your cash investment also. In the process of investing on emergency funds, one can be encouraged by the pros of investment and might want to continue saving for emergencies. Sare8 doesn't have any fixed deposit rule because of which you can choose to invest the minimum or the maximum amount that you want to invest in emergency saving funds.

Saves you from debts: An emergency fund can be a debt saver, suppose in future you have some sort of debt on you then you can withdraw your emergency fund and use it for the same. The best part of this is that at Spare8 you need not worry about the time of investment, you can invest today and get it when you want.

Saves you from the poor situation: Who knows what's gonna happen tomorrow, maybe a natural disaster, health issues, housing problems or any such thing. Because bad times never tell before coming, so to be prepared for that, Spare8 lets you invest in emergency funds which don't require a fixed amount to invest and it lets you withdraw whenever you are in need of them.

•Reduces stress: We want our customers to be stress free and so we provide the best ways of investment. By investment on emergency funds, you can keep yourself prepared for the worst condition that might occur in the future.

Helper in the worst times: Who stays by your side? Rarely anyone, right? But Spare8 and your emergency funds are going to be with you today, tomorrow and whenever you need us. So stop thinking and start bringing it into your practice and invest in your emergency fund so that you can secure yours as well as your family's future with it.

Why choose Spare8?

Here are some of the main reasons because of which you should choose us.

•We don't have lengthy KYC processes

•No minimum or maximum limitations

•We don't have any fixed or any other lock-in period

•We assure you with 100% purity, safety as well as security

•The Spare8's app is secured with 256-bit encryption.

•Enjoy the bank-level security at Spare8

•Your gold is secured by a SEBI-regulated independent trustee

•You can enjoy guaranteed 24K gold

What are you waiting for? Plan an Investment in emergency funds and be on the safer side. At Spare8, you can enjoy several benefits of investment like you can buy digital gold, practice digital gold investment, invest without any boundation or limitation, start the process today without any long process, you can also withdraw the money whenever you want as we don't lock in your money and much more.

You can enjoy the services by Spare8 through our app available at the Google play store, and with this, you can choose to invest more smartly. Spare8 provides you full purity, safety and security because of which you can choose us over anyone else. So let's get started with the process of investment together.

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